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Index of videos

These videos are intended to demonstrate my method of working on the various aspects of the construction of the violin. You can find them on my Youtube channel, but they are always shown in order of upload date and therefore in a rather disorganized way, moreover there is a maximum limit to the number of videos visible on the pages of the channel, beyond which the oldest ones are automatically deleted, even though they are still present and viewable on Youtube.

Therefore, for easier consultation and in the right order of execution of each work you can use this index, clicking the links to the pages dedicated to the specific topics (below) where you will find a complete list with direct links to every single video (see also the English menu on the right).

Ribs and form

Top plate, Back plate and Soundbox

Scroll and neck




Finished Instruments

Making the violin from start to finish (condensed)

I’m sorry for the only Italian language in the videos’ text: you can find the translation of all the captions in the description page under each video,  by clicking show more” on computers or the small arrow on the right of the video’s title on mobile phones.

Enjoy the movies!