Welcome to my workshop

Through photographs and videos that you will find in the pages of this blog you can see the work behind the construction of an acoustic bowed instrument made ​​entirely by hand using the internal form, which is the basis of the method used by the ancient Cremonese violin makers.
During handwork the wood gets very beautiful, ephemeral forms, which will be irretrievably lost with the progress of the work that will lead to the finished instrument.
The absence of varnish at this stage offers greater plasticity, highlighting the fascinating sculptural aspect of wood carving.

Davide Sora

new series of videos on my way of hollowing and thicknessing  violin top and back plates.

Here the complete playlist (12 videos) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6kCD4XtaZ4&list=PLaxadm6POX7Hy2CxMIMU5wcOOBxxNsq5r



My Stradivari violin forms

Stradivari’s  G form – Davide Sora


Stradivari’s  PG form – Davide Sora


Stradivari’s  P form – Davide Sora